Shooting in Other Camera Modes & More - Class 3

Shooting in Other Camera Modes & More - Class 3
Thu, February 16 2023, 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Shooting in Other Camera Modes & More Series

Dates & Time: All classes are on Thursday afternoons 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Cost: $7.00 for each class.



February 2, 2023.  (Instructors: John Wood & Dan Evander)

Beyond Auto: Learn the differences of taking photos in Aperture priority auto, Shutter Priority Auto, and Programed auto.  What benefits or artistic values are associated with each mode.  When would one mode be more desirable over others.  Prior to next class, take photos using the three priorities to demonstrate in the next class your understanding.  Bring them in on a flash-drive for review, do not process prior to next week's class.


February 9, 2023.  (Instructors: John Wood & Dan Evander)

Shooting in Manual Mode: We will review your photo assignment from the last class.  Then discuss relating the A, S, and P modes to Manual.  How to set the camera for Manual shots.  When would you want to use Manual as opposed to other settings.  Again, take some photos on manual and bring them to the next class for review.

 CLASS 3 / Today's class

February 16, 2023.  (Instructors: Lari Ott)

Other Capabilities of Your Camera: Taking close-up photos, setting a drive mode, using burst mode, auto bracketing, self timer, playing back photos, shooting videos, lenses, added lighting, etc.


February 23, 2023.  (Instructors: John Wood, Dan Evander & Lari Ott)

The Complete Photographer: Tips and suggestions on lighting, travel, lenses, video, tripod use, night photography, shooting the moon, light painting and lots more fun things to know that help us be a better photographer.


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